Nor-Pel Drivers Vote Overwhelmingly to Join CUPW!!!

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Thursday September 15 2016

As many of you know, Combined Urban Service (CUS) workers perform the same work as postal workers, delivering relay bags and parcels for Canada Post in locations where the Corporation refuses to create positions, using low-paid contractors instead. Our goal as a union has been to counteract this trend by unionizing the companies that win these contracts and making gains for workers through collective bargaining.

Earlier this year, CUS workers at Nor-Pel, in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, contacted CUPW about the potential for joining our union. After speaking with the workers, we decided to launch a campaign to organize them. In the early summer, our organizer met with the workers in different cities and had amazing success in signing these workers up to join CUPW!

In August, an application for certification was submitted to the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, and a vote was held shortly after. We are happy to announce that nearly 90% of the workers voted in favour of joining CUPW! Our next task is to go to the workers to determine their demands, and start the process of negotiating their first collective agreement.

I’d like to thank Gordie MacDonald, the organizer who worked on this campaign, as well as everyone at Atlantic regional office, for their efforts and their dedication to raising working standards for all workers. Most of all, I’d like to thank the CUS workers at Nor-Pel for standing side by side and demanding better. Together, we can achieve it.

Welcome to CUPW!


In Solidarity,

Aaron Spires
National Union Representative - External Organizing